Fiancee Visa K-1 and Marriage Visa K-3 are sought by many couples.
But such attempts face problems and obstacles as this type of visa requires
Fulfillment of complicated procedures that are issued under immigration regulations of USA which keep changing from time to time.

Therefore, we wish to offer some explanations briefly.
For those who are applying for a visa and those who have applied for a visa and awaiting for a result from the Consular Section.
Fiancee Visa requires the couple to get married in USA within 90 days from the date of entry into USA. The next step requires the couple to submit application for a Green Card, also called Permanent Resident Card which enables you to get hold of social security and other things which are essential for working, studying or using other benefits.

Before submitting application, the applicant must obtain an Affirmation To Marry Certificate from the district office where you are born as evidence that the applicant is qualified to marry overseas, or a Divorce Certificate shall have to be obtained whatever the marital status may be, coupled with other essential documents certified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including Application Form to be sent to USA at the district where the fiancée lives. After that, you just have to wait for a reply from the authorities in USA . You will get a serial number and 3 Packets. After receipt of this, you shall proceed with getting new documents, a clean bill of health and a letter from Police Department
About record of crime you might have committed. The next step is to prepare yourself for a personal interview to be fixed by US Embassy.

Every procedure is composed of some complicated details that have to be studied and overcome difficulties as they arise to get the visa, starting with the moment application is made the first time. In case your visa application were rejected or you made some error in the process, any incomplete documentation would further delay the process. In case permanent visa application were rejected, an appeal shall have to be made for a single time with hope diminishing . It is necessary to have confidence in every step and procedures starting with documents and preparations for interview which every visa seeker could not evade.