If you or your dependants are preparing to go overseas in search of employment, permanent residence or for studying in USA, UK, Australia, Japan or any other country, we have the pleasure to offer our services as follows: VISA requires professional touch for which we could help you to get with certainty in most cases at a cost you could afford. We have a team of experts who could handle documents properly to get a visa, whether for tourism, fiancée or marriage. Just come and see us for Consultation Free Of Charge. We are equipped to give your ‘on the spot training’ before you have an interview with the Embassy to ensure you get Visa As Required. There are instances with some visa seekers being rejected. You need not be discouraged because with our expertise on documentation and presentation at the various Embassies, coupled with analytical approach, your chance to get a Visa when trying Second Time is so much better. Whatever problems or difficulties you may be facing becomes simplified with our long-time experience professionalism. Remember, you must avoid Second Time Rejection at all costs. It costs money and have demoralizing effects. Just Come and see us for Consultation Free of Charge. We assure you the best service and success. We also specialize in Visa For Marriage or Fiancee which is sought after you have registered marriage with a foreigner. Visa fees payable to Embassies of various countries are quite high, so that it is essential to prepare the documents completely by professional assistance to get approval for visa. VISA FOR EMPLOYMENT This visa sought by those seeking a job overseas with better remuneration requires proper preparation of documents to be submitted. Many employment seekers in Thailand apply for this kind of visa. Professionalism is again required for this visa application because once you are rejected, Trying For A Second Time Makes Things so much more difficult. Come and see us, we could help you. STUDENT VISA is sought by students from Thailand wishing to study overseas, with the eventual aim of getting a Degree in any field of study including English language proficiency. Countries of preference include United Kingdom, Australia or USA. As in the case of other types of visa, professionalism is essential. We are the Professionals and could help you make the right decision with efficiency and economy. Just Come and See Us today. Thank you to all whom interesting to visit our website for applying a visa and translation at SP Visa lodging visa application and translation in all kinds to all countries. We are the service center for all kinds of visas such as lodging visa application to abroad, US visa, UK visa and Australian Visa, Japanese Visa. Beyond a visitor visa, student visa, spouse visa and fiancée visa and work permit visa to several countries will be handled by professional with many years experience. Moreover, our translation service covers all languages as we have been in this field for over 6 years and our selected Translators: Thais, Brits, German and French are specialists committed to give their best to our customers. We also provide translation services in Chinese, Korean and Arabic to suit your requirements. Our services are tailored to meet individual or group requirements as we offer translation service to some daily newspapers and trade journals. We have the pleasure to state that the newspaper we are providing services has the combined monthly circulation of over one million. In this nexus, our team of translators are headed by persons who have worked for Bangkok Post newspaper . We Invite Your Visit To SP TRANSLATION – VISA CENTER No. 888/10-11, 3rd floor, Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan Bangkok 10330, Tel/Fax: (66) 0-2252 8234, Mobile : (66) 086-338-9935 Website : Email: Our Motto: Swiftness is the heart of our business, you only have to tell us where you want us to make contact. Our team of professionals are ready to serve immediately. - Service on time and you only have to state time frame you require. - Regarding results, we do the monitoring and keep you informed of progress from time to time. - Our Services are open all days of the week.