You may get a visa to any country after effecting marriage in Thailand or elsewhere but you must show evidence of marriage such as, KhorRor.2 And KhorRor.3 issued by Government of Thailand including other official supporting documents. These may be submitted to USA and wait for a response which is akin to a Visa for Fiancee but with a difference. Under this system, in addition to getting a visa, you may automatically get a Green Card because you are recognized as a member of the family in USA, following a marriage registration under Thai laws which is legally valid. Now, marriage visa takes a little longer than Fiancee Visa but it is more durable and you could hope for more results than the Financee Visa. This requires good preparations for perfect results at an interview. Pre-interview preparations are essential and for you to have self-confidence when facing Consulate official who conducts the interview. A simulated interview may help in order to lessen any possible impacts that may stem due to excitement the time for interview arrived. In this nexus, our Visa Center is well prepared to offer assistance to you to overcome most foreseeable problems. We could offer useful recommendations all the time and prepare documents you need completely in order to get a visa for you.

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