Tourist Visa For United States of America Now this may be a dream for many people; I myself have secured tourist visa over the years that lasted 10 years. Application for a visa after the 9/11 incident face strict scrutiny and this has continued to this day. Therefore, I understand the feelings of others. It is essential for applicants to prepare properly before submitting an application. For effective guidance you may Just phone 086-338-9935 and you may get the right answer. Regulations And Documents To Get A Visa to USA 1. Passport valid for not less than 6 months. 2. Visa application OF – 156 duly filled in English. The document can be obtained at the frontal area or you may ………. 3. Original Cash receipt, 2 parts from the post office. (You can make payment at every post office in Bangkok and suburbs excepting branch office). Application fee is 100 US dollars or equivalent in Baht. 4. Photos 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 inches or 4 cm. x 4 cm. (with light base color, instant photo and Polaroid pictures not accepted) 5. Applicant’s address outside of USA : Submitting application for business/tourist visa, that is, applicant is seeking visa to enter into USA- Temporarily. Before we issue a visa for temporary entry, the applicant must prove conclusively to visa issuing officials that it has no – Desire to reside in USA permanently; however, such attempt may be expressed by showing evidence about family, economic or other ties that exist outside USA such as, relative, employer or friend, “not possible to guarantee the return of the traveler.” Thus, Consulate officials have to make their own judgment on each applicant Whether the applicant possess the criteria to grant a visa and making no consideration on who bears cost of traveling . In this nexus, Consulate officials take the law into consideration and principles governing immigration with some provisions of the law reading “when a person seeks visa for entry…it is up to that person to show that it possess qualifications that satisfy the immigration law of USA that permits Consulate officials to accept or reject an applicant on grounds that the person has no desire to stay in USA permanently, on the basis of its family ties, social or occupational considerations and these characteristics differ from person to person. For this reason, we could not guarantee whether you would get a visa or not. Nevertheless, the following instances and evidences form the criteria on which official considerations are based – Occupational evidence. Visa seeker may submit a letter issued by its employer describing date of starting work (2) salary and other remuneration (3) whether the position held is temporary or permanent and (4) duration of leave . In case of officials or employees of the government of Thailand, a leave letter should be furnished. Visa seeker engaged in private business should present evidence of its business. Person traveling to USA on business such as for job training or attending a convention should get a letter from the foreign company which you are visiting. As for students they should present their academic references. For non-adults it is necessary to present financial status of parents . Assets: Applicant should present financial documents to prove that financial status is adequate to cover expenses for travel and such evidence may be in form of a Fixed Savings Account, Current Account, Savings Account and/or Promissory Note. Only original documents should be submitted; the Embassy does not accept copies. Other evidences: You could use house registration, marriage registration, photos of marriage ceremony and birth certificate to show family commitments or ties . If you are professional engaged, such as, being a doctor, engineer or architect, you should submit your professional license to facilitate consideration by visa issuing authority. Moreover, our Visa Center offers services to assist you in getting a Visa for entry to USA including Fiancee Visa, Marriage Visa, Working Visa, Student visa and others. Just Contact SP TRANSLATION SERVICES No. 888/10-11, 3rd floor Ploenchit Road, Lumpini Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Tel/Fax : 0-2252 8234 Website: orรับทำวีซ่าจีน  E-mail :